Lights! Camera! Action!  

If I remember correctly, I had to meet the South African Photography, Casey Crafford, at McKarren Park in Brooklyn at 9am sharp. With my apartment located pretty much in the middle of nowhere, in Sunset Park, it took me about an hour and a half to get there. I hate when trains run local over the weekend....  Once I arrived, I was greeted by the Runner's World International team with a bag filled with many different outfits that I wasn't allowed to keep (Pshh).   The overall shoot was amazing.  We explored Brooklyn capturing different backgrounds testing out different athletic motions.  Since I was a collegiate athlete, they pretty much asked me to direct them, and do whatever I would normally do before a race.  So, I easily got about a mile or two just by sprinting back and forth capturing different action shots of me running.  The shoot lasted about 6-7 hours, but I couldn't imagine another way to spend my Saturday.   

Great news! One of my photos is currently on!  By the off chance it's not there anymore whenever you decide to read this, see below for a screenshot. "9 Strength Moves That Will Upgrade Your Running"  Happy running peeps! 

Carlvin out!